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Our business has flourished because of Martin and the group at MyRealtyHelper. They have allowed us the flexibility to go out and grow our business without worrying about anything falling through the cracks.

We have 100% trust that when we turn over a contract to them that it will be handled professionally and with the attention to detail that our customers have come to expect.
The best decision I made in 2018 was to begin the year with the assistance of MyRealtyHelper. The result? The best year of my 25 years in real estate, followed by a banner 2019!

Martin Kozicki and his staff are top-of-the-line in professionalism, promptness and knowledge of real estate. Because of their extraordinary attention to details, I look forward more than ever to all that 2020 holds!
I’ve been using MyRealtyHelper for two years and couldn’t have more wonderful things to say about them. Kimberly is my point person and she’s totally reliable, quick to respond, and always pleasant.

I have stopped stressing out about deadlines and paperwork because I know she has it together and will make it all happen.

I highly recommend them!
Martin and his team have become an indispensable part of our business. Being able to rely on them to deftly handle timelines and paperwork has allowed us to bring in more business and do more for our clients because we are able to spend more time with them, and less time in front of a computer.

Martin has a deep knowledge of real estate transaction intricacies and a personable, professional style when interacting with our clients.

Knowing that Martin is keeping track of so many details means peace of mind for us and our clients!
Martin Kozicki and his wife Shanda of MyRealtyHelper are hands down the best to work with. They are quick to respond, efficient, well-organized, knowledgeable, and I know that each transaction I work with them on is in good hands.

The home buying process can be very stressful at times, for the agent, the buyer or seller, and the lender. Martin and Shanda are like the navigators to each transaction, making sure that everything flows smoothly through the entire contract-to-close process.
Martin and his team at MyRealtyHelper are true professionals. They go out of their way to keep my transactions flowing smoothly so I can focus on getting more business. I truly don’t know what I would do without them. Hands down the best investment for my career and clients!
Kimberly stays on it! There hasn't been a single thing that's fallen through the cracks since I started using MyRealtyHelper. They are a godsend.
My business exists because Kimberly and Martin keep the process in order and moving forward to close. They are a proven extension of the same customer service I try to bring to each one of my clients and a knowledgeable asset as we navigate all the unique challenges that arise in each transaction.
Working with you gives me the ability to continue to grow my business while knowing my contract-to-close timeline is in good hands and all items are well taken care of. I just send over the documents once under contract and you do the rest.

Thank you for making my job easy.
Kimberly Johnson with MyRealtyHelper has changed my business dramatically! I’m able to spend more time focusing on my clients and less time on paperwork and necessary but time consuming behind the scenes tasks. Kimberly knows the business well and I trust her completely.
Martin and his team at MyRealtyHelper are an invaluable extension of our business.
Attention to detail, industry knowledge, and great customer service are the traits that give us the peace of mind to know that our transactions will get done and get done right!!
Matt Davis headshot
Matt Davis
The Wilson Group
MyRealtyHelper is literally the only place you should ever go to for help with your contract-to-close. There are not too many people that could put up with my level of expectation. But these guys manage to far exceed it every time. They will treat both you and your clients with a white-glove approach and they will always make sure every "I" is dotted and "T" is crossed.

I cannot imagine running my business without Martin and his entire team. I can be out and about, which all Realtors are, and know that all the details are covered whether they are doing my listing management for my sellers or contract-to-close services for my buyers.

His team has allowed me to free up my time to spend face-to-face with my clients, managing my negotiations, prospecting, and providing people with a top-notch level of service that most people didn’t know was possible in a real estate transaction. The best part is, my clients have all grown to love them, too. And my repeat customers have grown to know and expect the amazing service they provide. They really view them as a seamless and integral part of my team.

If you’re doing your own contract-to-close, or if you’re using someone that doesn't have the same approach to excellent customer service that you do, do yourself and your clients a favor and hire MyRealtyHelper. You won’t regret it!
I have been using Kimberly and Martin since Day 1 of my Real Estate career, almost 7 years ago!

They are absolutely amazing at what they do and I don't know what I would do without them!

Kimberly has saved me on many occasions! We never miss a deadline and she is on top of everything from inspections to appraisals and everything in between.

I love not having to worry about a file being in compliance. They take care of all of that so that I have time to go back out and find more clients!

Truly can't say enough about this amazing team!
My Realty Helper has absolutely changed my professional life this past year since I began working with them. I now have more time to work effectively on building my business and serving my clients, but even more than that, my work-related stress has diminished considerably. I am enjoying so much more new brain-space than I had anticipated!

As I juggle my transactions and client needs, I no longer have to worry about whether or not something has slipped through the cracks of my busy mind.

MyRealtyHelper has made my work much more fulfilling and exciting.

It's hard to imagine how I used to manage without them!
MyRealtyHelper has been instrumental in the growth of my business. They have a methodical approach that is imperative to a successful transaction. Their many years of experience gives them an edge in dealing with unusual circumstances. They are extremely detail oriented, and their ability to maintain a timeline is unparalleled.

Martin and the team are extremely knowledgeable, analytical and always up to date with the intricacies in this rapidly changing industry. MyRealtyHelper has allowed me to focus on the growth of my business while knowing my clients are always being fully serviced.

Martin and the team are people of great character that I fully trust. I am always grateful and proud to have them as my business partner.
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Wally Dabaghi
Benchmark Realty
Shanda and her team have helped me take my business to the next level. I’ve used other transaction coordinators in the past and there is simply no comparison. Shanda goes above and beyond in every aspect to make my life easier. I can have peace of mind knowing that Shanda is way ahead of all deadlines.

With years of experience as an agent, she is no stranger to anything that might come up during a transaction, and she handles it with ease. Shanda is incredibly detailed, friendly and so easy to work with. She often makes me feel as if I am her only client.

Implementing her services into my business has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on the 80% to grow my business.

I highly recommend you call Shanda and her team regardless of whether this is your 1st transaction or your 1000th.
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Emily Peckham
Keller Williams Franklin
MyRealtyHelper plays an integral part in my business.

Not only do they provide the highest level of administrative assistance to ensure a smooth transaction, but they are there for me as another professional view on any topic or question I may have during a contract. This ensures we are always giving our clients the best advice and options.

To me the most important thing during a contract is communication between all parties. Because of their years of experience, knowledge, customer service and systems, the MyRealtyHelper team could not be better. I am always in-the-know from contract to close, and I am confident that my clients will have a clear picture of what is needed from them every step of the way.

I highly recommend MyRealtyHelper!
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As a very busy and ever growing company, The Anderson Group Real Estate relies heavily on the highly skilled transaction management expertise of Martin and his MyRealtyHelper team.

He is extremely efficient, detail oriented, and is a skilled communicator with both clients, vendors, and cooperating Realtors.  We have complete confidence in his ability to work through any type of transaction;  from regular residential properties to FSBO’s and multifamily, and divorce and probate homes. 

Martin has the system and tools available to make the paperwork process as seamless as possible. We highly recommend him for all of your transaction needs! 

Josh Anderson

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