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Transaction coordination

starting at $495

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The average real estate transaction involves juggling multiple appointments, dozens of documents, and hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls. That’s a lot to keep up with!

MyRealtyHelper utilizes the best systems and tools in the business to coordinate all parties throughout the entire contract-to-close process.

DID YOU KNOW? Many of our agents utilize our services for free! Call us today to find out how!

Here’s just a snapshot of how we can help you on each and every transaction:

  • Review all documents for compliance,  and obtain missing signatures.
  • Distribute documents to client, lender, and title company.
  • Submit contract to broker.
  • Coordinate inspections, due diligence, survey, appraisal, and walk-throughs.
  • Track all timelines and deadlines, so everyone knows what they need to do, and when.
  • Draft any amendments, addenda, or proposals.
  • Schedule final walk-through and closing, distribute utility info, and coordinate key exchange.
  • Close out listing on MLS.**
  • Submit closing paperwork to broker and get you paid!

At MyRealtyHelper, our goal is to make you shine! We keep our agents involved every step of the way, happily providing you and your client with the needed support to get everyone to the closing table.

Listing Coordination

Starting at $195

two people holding a ceramic house in their combined hands

Listing a home is a lot like getting married. You and the seller make a commitment, sign some documents, hire some vendors, take a ton of photos, and celebrate by posting everything on social media!

And just like planning a wedding, setting up a listing requires a lot of coordination. 

MyRealtyHelper can help! We’ll work with you and your seller to:

  • Ensure all documents and disclosures are properly filled out and signed.
  • Coordinate photos, videos, staging, and pre-list inspection.
  • Prepare the MLS entry for agent and seller approval.**
  • Upload photos, videos, virtual tour links, disclosures & documents.**
  • Activate the listing on MLS.**
  • Set up showing center instructions, and open house events.
  • Submit complete listing file to broker.

Plus, all the paperwork will be compliant and your seller will already be familiar with your MyRealtyHelper TC, making the transition to the contract phase even smoother!

DID YOU KNOW? Having closets organized – and no more than 50% full – will help buyers more easily visualize the storage space potential of a home.

Listings are an integral part of a Realtor’s business. Trust MyRealtyHelper with your listing coordination today!

Consulting + More


a woman sitting at a wood desk holding a mug of coffee. DREAM is spelled out in block letters. The desk contains a notebook, iphone, and succulent.

Some agents don’t need an actual TC — they just need a hand. 

Other agents already have an assistant, but occasionally they need extra help.

And some brokers would love to have a qualified compliance expert to review new file submissions.

MyRealtyHelper can help with all of that and more. Just reach out to schedule a consult. The coffee’s on us!

  • Contract and/or Listing Compliance
  • Setting up new systems / tools
  • Moving a license, and all that entails
  • Miscellaneous admin tasks, such as data entry or marketing
  • Advice and consulting on how to grow your real estate business
  • Or you just need a little training to improve your knowledge base

DID YOU KNOW? MyRealtyHelper is all about solutions. If we do not currently provide a service you need, we’ll be glad to find you a reliable resource.

At MyRealtyHelper, we’ve worked with scores of agents at firms large and small. 

We have experience working with multiple systems, tools, and platforms. 

And we’ve been in this business long enough to see a wide spectrum of market conditions.

MyRealtyHelper is a great resource for your evolving real estate business. It’s in our name!

*Pricing is based on a “per-side/per-transaction” basis. Due to the often extensive additional time and documents required, special premium pricing may apply to listings and contracts that fall outside the norm, such as short sales, foreclosures, commercial properties, relocation, and others. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis. See your MyRealtyHelper TC for more details.

**Dependent upon having approved, qualified access to agent’s MLS account.

Vendor Services

BOSSCAT provides detailed Repair Estimates, useful when negotiating repairs between buyers and sellers. They also have a Pre-Listing Evaluation service that helps sellers identify potential hot-button issues prior to going on the market. Best of all, BOSSCAT can coordinate with qualified, local contractors to perform any agreed-upon repairs, either before or after closing.

MyRealtyHelper has teamed up with BOSSCAT to provide our clients with FREE rushed repair estimates (a $99 value), and special pricing on Pre-Listing Evaluation services. 

Click here to learn more, or to get started!

*Vendor Services are products and/or services provided by 3rd party persons or companies. We have no ownership of these companies, and simply provide these links as a courtesy to MyRealtyHelper clients. We’ll only list a vendor here if they provide some sort of discount, perk, benefit, or incentive to you.

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